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I have an Android presentation coming up and would like to get some screenshots of my application. Thing is, I'd like to have a screenshot of the phone with the app running on it.

I could use a camera and take a pic of a droid phone+app, but seems to me the AVD used to run inside a picture of the Nexus phone. Just wondering if it's an Eclipse config option somewhere?


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Hi - yes that is correct (simulated phone casing). Running Eclipse Helios on Ubuntu Maverick 64. Motorola has an SDK add-on which gives a DroidX skin option when creating an AVD but they did some scaling which makes everything look terrible. I'm just going to use a paint program for now (as someone suggested). Thanks anyway. – wufoo Mar 8 '11 at 18:38
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Try using image editing software to superimpose the screenshot into an image of the phone. That's what the designers I work with do when they need to make PR screenshots.

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run the DDMS from the location where ever you have installed the Android and then chose Device menu and screen capture

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just do alt+printscreen from keyboard keep in mind AVD is focused you will get screen shot of AVD..

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