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I have a product collection called using the following (set to show 6 items):

$_testproductCollection = Mage::getResourceModel('catalog/product_collection')

then i get the 6 products details with a foreach:

foreach($_testproductCollection as $_testproduct){ 
    echo "Price is ".$this->htmlEscape($this->getPriceHtml($_product, true))."<br/>"; 

this works ok until I set my store to show prices inclusive of tax. Instead of showing 2 different prices, for example:

Excl. Tax: $138.56 
Incl. Tax: $149.99

it shows the same price for both. If I add a call to the loaded product collection again immediately after it's loaded:


...it works fine, the prices are correct, but then it's skipping the setPageSize function and returning the full store collection of products.

How can I get the correct tax prices to show, and what is it in the getLoadedProductCollection that corrects this? The function is in Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/List.php

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See Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Eav_Mysql4_Product_Collection::addTaxPercents

Also, the getLoadedProductCollection calls (via a catalog layer) the addMinimalPrice and addFinalPrice methods. From those docs you can see there are methods for adding tiered pricing and URL rewrites. That is nice to know.

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Sweet, figured it out - adding an ->addFinalPrice() to my collection call fixes the issue, cheers! –  JazzHands Mar 9 '11 at 22:33

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