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I just started writing pub/sub and the way that I doing this is that I will have a console app that runs every x hours and putting processed list as queue message (1 item per message). Now, on the pub side, I want to listen the input queue and as soon as a message arrives, I would like to publish.

I know I need to set the input queue name and polling intervals in the config file, but how do I make so that the pub actually keeps polling from the input queue.


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Take a look at this article about scheduling recurring tasks in NSB. I think you can use this technique and eliminate the need for 2 separate processes.

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All you should need to do is to create a class that implements IHandleMessages<YourMessageTypeHere>, and in your initialization code, use

IBus bus = Configure.With()

LoadMessageHandlers() will scan the current assembly for IHandleMessages implementations. Whenever a message arrives, the handler will be invoked.

(Disclaimer: This works for NSB 2.1; I haven't used 2.5 yet.)

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