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a mirroring CDN can't have the same hostname as you application server, because you need a way for the CDN to explicitly reference the application.

Why, in general, do sites like facebook run their CDN on a totally seperate host, not just a subdomain like example:

Is the reason, that they can construct resource URLs with many different hostnames, to avoid the 4-connections-per-host limit on some browsers?

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If your domain is, you can host your static components on However, if you've already set cookies on the top-level domain as opposed to, then all the requests to will include those cookies.


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Because user generated content can contain nasties that may be able to access data hosted on the primary domain.

It also stops things like cookies and authentication getting sent in the request to CDN content.

Preventing users from inserting scripts, and at the same time allowing user submitted html is extremely difficult to do on the server side - ergo we must have sandboxing.

Borrowed from a fairly old whatwg post

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