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I'm trying to use the new Facebook Graph API with Appcelerator Titanium Mobile 1.6 . I found two complete examples on the net: That one from the official blog et the Aaron's one.

In both examples, I wonder where should put the app_id and the app_secret? Where the login action is performed?


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did you get this resolved? – Aaron Saunders Mar 11 '11 at 18:08
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i didn't try it, but have a look at the api Ti.Facebook and the dev.facebook-help. maybe it will help you to find a solution.

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There's loads of examples on the documentation page for the module - the app_id should go in tiapp.xml and then is also set within your code, as stated on that page (see the authorize example). I don't think secret is used anymore in the new Facebook module.

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You have to register you application in -> Apps -> Create new app

After that you will see app id and app secret.

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Titanium.Facebook.appid = "your app id";

put above line in app.js file

   <module platform="iphone">facebook</module>
   <module platform="android">facebook</module>

put this live in tiapp.xml

first you have to require facebook.

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