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I am developing a report that incorporates a graphical header on only the first page, and I wanted to utilize two different embedded graphics as page backgrounds. My initial (failed) attempt was to:

  1. right click on the page background
  2. choose the Body Properties

    Context Menu for the report body

  3. Add a Fill Background image Formula

    Report Body Properties dialog

    as follows:

    =IIF(Globals!PageNumber > 1, background, first_background)

When I attempted to render the report I received the following error:

error message for using a global variable in the body

Am I just out of luck with this? Any pointers?

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Normally for this kind of stuff you'd use indirection. That is you'd have a hidden text box on the report header. This will have Globals!PageNumber

Then you set the background property by referring to the ReportItems!MyHiddenTextBox.Value.

I haven't tried it for background but it's a common thing to do in SSRS to workaround scope/region issues. This example is the reverse: putting a value into a header/footer. And this. It probably works in the other direction :-)

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Thanks! I will give it a try and update the question with the solution. –  Larry Smithmier Mar 8 '11 at 19:51

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