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In my Silverlight client I have a partial class created by setting a WCF reference. I've extended this class adding a few RelayCommand properties. I need to initialize these properties which I would normally do in the constructor. However it seems that the constructor is not being called, which I believe is a result of of VTS However I'm also unsuccessful in using the OnDeserialized attribute.

What is the prescribed way to initialize client side data members of a WCF class.

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I've created a sample project and everything works as expected. If this code doesn't help - post your data contract and client code.

namespace SilverlightApplication3.ServiceReference1
    public partial class SomeModel
        public string ExtendedProperty { get; set; }

        public void OnDeserializingMethod(StreamingContext context)
            this.ExtendedProperty = "Ok";

Service method call:

var proxy = new ServiceReference1.Service1Client();
proxy.DoWorkCompleted += (s,e) => Debug.WriteLine(e.Result.ExtendedProperty); //Ok
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