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I'm looking for a CMS designed to introduce software. I want be able to

  1. Describe my software
  2. Show Screenshots
  3. Publish News
  4. upload the newes package, so everyone can download it.

Until now I used WP, but point 4 is not realy supportet.

Further it would be great if users could open bug-tickes etc.

Perhaps something that looks a bit like SourceForge etc. would be great, but I want to run it on my own server.

It should run with php and MySQLor SQLite, since I don't have root acces to my server.

A little Edit for the close voters:

but if your question generally covers

  • ...
  • software tools commonly used by programmers

from the StackOverflow FAQ. IMHO this is a question about software tools commonly used by programmers

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If you can use Ruby on Rails, I would suggest Redmine and ClockingIT.

Otherwise, I know two very simple CMS that could do that, but you would have to work a bit to create a bug and ticket system.

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Try out

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I know trac, but it doesn't run with php ;-) – Tokk Mar 8 '11 at 19:33

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