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I have an array of strings and I need to build a string of values separated by some character like comma

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Cool, I am already RTFMing. – Captain Comic Mar 8 '11 at 19:23

There is a simple function called implode.

$string = implode(';', $array);
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You should use the implode function.

For example, implode(' ',$tags); will place a space between each item in the array.

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If any one do not want to use implode so you can also use following function:

function my_implode($separator,$array){
   $temp = '';

   foreach($array as $key=>$item){
       $temp .=  $item; 
       if($key != sizeof($array)-1){
            $temp .= $separator  ; 
   }//end of the foreach loop

   return $temp;
}//end of the function

$array = array("One", "Two", "Three","Four");

$str = my_implode('-',$array);
echo $str;
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