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I'm in the page editor and I'm seeing JSON where editor controls should be

{"commands":[{"click":"chrome:field:editcontrol({command:\"webedit:chooseimage\"})","header":"Choose Image","icon":"/~/icon/SoftwareV2/16x16/photo_landscape.png.aspx","isDivider":false,"tooltip":"Choose an image","type":null},{"click":"chrome:field:editcontrol({command:\"webedit:editimage\"})","header":"Properties","icon":"/~/icon/SoftwareV2/16x16/palette_preferences.png.aspx","isDivider":false,"tooltip":"Modify image appearance","type":null},{"click":"chrome:common:edititem({command:\"webedit:open\"})","header":"Edit the related item","icon":"/temp/IconCache/SoftwareV2/16x16/cubes_blue.png","isDivider":false,"tooltip":"Edit this item in the Content Editor.","type":"common"}],"contextItemUri":"sitecore://master/{2D90E98C-1360-4EBA-855E-3B321B053376}?lang=en&ver=1","custom":{},"displayName":"Logo","expandedDisplayName":null}

This is happening in the page editor but not when I view the site.

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I had the same issue. It was because I removed the < form method="post" runat="server" id="mainform" > from the page. Add it back in. Best if you make it first child under < body >

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I also recently encountered this issue and the resolution for me was to make sure the 'webedit.css' file existed at the location specified by the 'WebEdit.ContentEditorStylesheet' setting.

By default the webedit.css file is located at the root of your site, but in my instance the file had been moved.

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thanks for sharing. We need more info on SiteCore. Their forums are not that great. – DustinDavis Jun 20 '11 at 17:13

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