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this is a easy question but I can't think of how to do this at the moment.

I have a date field in search query. The query isn't dynamic or this would be easier. I need to be able to return the records that match the date entered or if the date isn't entered then it should return all.

This is what I have but it isn't working. It's not returning any rows, when there is criteria or when there isn't.

AND ( (table.dateField = p_dateField) 
   OR (table.dateField = table.dateField and table.dateField is null))

thanks in advance.

After an hour of working with it I came up with this:

and (  
      ( p_dateField IS NOT NULL AND table.dateField = p_dateField)
         OR ( p_dateField IS NULL AND (table.dateField is null or (table.dateField is not null))

It works for the few tests I've been able to run against it. If anyone can suggest a better method please do.


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just write your where condition like this:

where previous_conditions
  AND ((table.dateField = p_dateField) or (p_dateField is null))
  and other_conditions;
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Have you tried:

AND ( (table.dateField = p_dateField AND NOT(p_dateField is NULL)) OR p_dateField is NULL)

I am assuming that p_dateField is the Date parameter

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Hi Simen, I tried that. It returns the record I'm looking for but it also gives me the records where the date is null. I want it to return only the rows that match the date, or if the p_dateField is null, then I want it to return everything. –  gswanson Mar 8 '11 at 21:28
Good point: I assumed that the table.dateField didn't allow NULLs. I have updated the left side of the OR statement in my answer to eliminate the null matches from this part of the statement –  Simen S Mar 8 '11 at 22:25

I would try using an NVL clause in the OR section:

AND ( (table.dateField = p_dateField) 
      OR (NVL(p_datefield, to_date('01/01/1901','MM/DD/YYYY')) =
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How about:

AND table.dateField = NVL(pdateField, table.dateField)

Assuming table.dateField does not contain nulls. If it does, then perhaps:

AND NVL(table.dateField, SYSDATE+10000) = 
        NVL(pdateField, NVL(table.dateField, SYSDATE+10000)

Assumes that SYSDATE+10000 is a value not in your data.

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