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I'm using ActiveRecord Session Store and I have a few questions regarding using this store.

I can easily create a model for accessing any session directly (from the console, not as a controller or anything):

class Session < ActiveRecord::Base

I can then access and decode the contents of sessions, for example


But I'm curious why I can't seem to find many other people doing this sort of thing? At the very least, I would at least want to have a job to delete expired sessions, so the sessions table doesn't grow and grow. I also store several fields in sessions which are important to the application logic. It is conceivable that I might at some point want to perform some maintenance task with logic based on decoded session data. Is this sort of storage a design taboo?

I'm hoping that someone who has more experience managing a production rails application could take a stab at some or these questions, or at least share how they are using sessions.


edit: I just realized that the session data store is Base64 encoded, and not encrypted in any way.

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I wouldn't recommend storing data in the cookie. Look at ActiveRecord store for sessions. It stores a key in the user's cookie that references back to a record in the db.

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Thanks, this is the store that I am currently using. –  drewrobb Mar 8 '11 at 20:13
downvoted because you obviously didn't read the question. –  Lambart Oct 24 '13 at 19:11

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