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I'm pretty new to sqlalchemy and oracle. I'm trying to perform a query on a pre existing table(schema or whatever they call it) in an oracle database. However, I get the following error:

Couldn't find any column information for table prefix.tablename

from sqlalchemy import create_engine, MetaData, Table
from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper, create_session

class NcLiVals(object):

def loadSession():

  db = create_engine('oracle://username:password@host:port/SID')
  metadata = MetaData(db)

  netc = Table('prefix.tablename, metadata, autoload=True)

  netc_mapper = mapper(NcLiVals, netc)

  session = create_session()
  vals = session.query(NcLiVals).all()
  return vals
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use schema=prefix as an argument to Table


netc = Table(tablename, metadata, autoload=True, schema=prefix)

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