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I have a problem, and i hope someone can point me to some direction.

in my cakephp 1.3 application, i have a model named "girl" and a controller named "girls_controller" has a "tags" field, where i type a tag and put a comma and type another tag. i made a behavior that transform the content in the "tags" field in a array:

type: cake, cakephp, whatever outputs: $strTagsToArray = array( '1' => 'cake', '2' => 'cakephp', '3' => 'whatever');

it's fine, outputs my tags and the relationship betwen my models tables makes that each typed tag, generate a new record in my 'tags' table.

that part o the app is fine

i want to do the same with a image galery,

where i upload multiple files, and record on my table the image. and make the upload to a defined folder. i already have an attachable behavior, but the one that i create only allows me to upload one file at a time... (i'll post the behavior bellow)

if someone may help me, or show me someplece where i can find help...

here is the link to the attachable behavior(zip file) http://lpacheco.com/attachable.zip

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So is your problem that you can't upload multiple images at once? –  JohnP Mar 9 '11 at 11:11
Downvoted because the substance of the question is buried within a bunch of unrelated information. Even then, the substance of the question is not especially clear. –  Daniel Wright Mar 9 '11 at 17:07

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