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I want to save some specific records from a database to a file, thus:

"select, export etc" * from tbl1 where ClientName = 'DemoAccount';

should generate output

insert into tbl1 ...

Is this possible w/o any script generating the requested result?

if not, any knowledge of appropriate php-class?


decent solution, (sql prefeered though..):

select * from tbl1 where ClientName='DemoAccount' into outfile '/opt/demo.sql'

delete from tbl1 where ClientName='DemoAccount';
LOAD DATA INFILE '/opt/mysql.sql' into table tbl1;

regards, //t

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You can use mysqldump with the --where (or -w) option, which allows you to specify a WHERE clause.

mysqldump -w "ClientName = 'DemoAccount'" ...other options...
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thanks, will evaluate this - google says it's a pig. Experiences? –  user247245 Mar 8 '11 at 21:19
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