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How do I put two instances of the same class or interface into MEF? How would I retrieve them?

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By default, any part registered with MEF uses a singleton strategy for lifetime management (one per container). This is specified with the default CreationPolicy of Shared. I think you need to be clear on exactly what you need...

Are you wanting a new instance each time you compose?

If so, you can add a PartCreationPolicyAttribute to your export:

[PartCreationPolicy(CreationPolicy.NonShared), Export(typeof(IFoo))]
public class Foo : IFoo { }

Any time you compose a class using your container, you'll get a new instance of Foo.

Are you wanting two independent instances at the same time?

You'll probably want to think of an alternative pattern for getting instances of your parts. You could use an ExportFactory which would allow you to create new instances when you need it, e.g:

public ExportFactory<IFoo> Factory { get; set; }


public IFoo CreateFoo()
    return Factory.CreateExport().Value;

(To use ExportFactory<T> with non-Silverlight applications, you should download it here - ExportFactory<T> never made it into .NET 4, only Silverlight).

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ExportFactory is now part of .NET 4.5 –  slfan Jul 11 '13 at 14:21

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