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What can I use to profile code in 1.9.2? All of the versions of ruby-prof I've found segfault against 1.9.2.

For instance, when I add

gem "ruby-prof"

to my Rails project's Gemfile and run

bundle exec ruby-prof config/environment.rb

I get a segfault.

Is there a new profiling gem in town? Is there a way to make ruby-prof play nice?

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And it doesn't segfault when you don't have gem "ruby-prof" but run the bundle commands? – Andrew Grimm Mar 8 '11 at 22:10
Well, if I don't have ruby-prof in the bundle, then I can't bundle exec ruby-prof. But bundle exec ruby config/environment.rb doesn't segfault. – Peeja Mar 9 '11 at 3:44

Not sure it helps but I stumbled on this which may add a bit more clarity or lead you down a different path: You may want to check out wycats' fork based on that thread:

Also, I have not tried it out myself and it may not be exactly what you are looking for but Aman of Github fame has a port of google-perftools for Ruby:

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As @chris.baglieri suggested, you can use the perftools.rb gem for profiling Ruby 1.9 code.

gem install perftools.rb


require 'perftools'
PerfTools::CpuProfiler.start('profile_data') do
  # something cpu-intensive
`pprof.rb --text profile_data profile.txt`
`pprof.rb --pdf  profile_data profile.pdf`
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You can use another popular profiler tool - MethodProfiler

It's very handy to find slow method in the target class.

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