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I have the following line in a maven project in netbeans.

Projection projection = two.translate(Vector.reg1).projection(direction);

two is a Shape instance.

public abstract class Shape {
   public double mass;
   public double momentOfIntertia;
   public Vector center;
   public abstract List<Edge> normals(Vector direction);
   public abstract Projection projection(Vector line);
   public abstract Shape transform(Transformation transformation);
   public abstract Shape translate(Vector translation);
   public abstract void render(Graphics graphics);

and when I compile I get this error.

Compilation failure

org/curious/pounce/Collision.java:[89,39] cannot find symbol
symbol  : method translate(org.curious.pounce.math.Vector)
location: class org.curious.pounce.Shape

I'm not sure what can be wrong with this, if anything was wrong netbeans should be pointing out the error in the IDE, which it isn't.

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Try running a clean on all projects involved (in maven, assuming that's where the message is from).

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You can try doing mvn clean and then building again.

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I had the same problem: Netbeans indicates a invalid method but he was there! I tried several ways to resolve this issue without success. So, i upload manually the jar archive into dependence of project: right-click on dependency, right-click on jar-archive, install artifact manually.

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