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does XMLHTTPRequest allow one to set "any" headers? Because it seems to be limiting me from setting the host header.

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No, as it will cause security issues. Please refer to W3C XMLHttpRequest Level 2 spec, the setRequestHeader() method should terminate if header is a case-insensitive match for one of the following headers:

  • Accept-Charset
  • Accept-Encoding
  • Access-Control-Request-Headers
  • Access-Control-Request-Method
  • Connection
  • Content-Length
  • Cookie
  • Cookie2
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • Date
  • Expect
  • Host
  • Keep-Alive
  • Origin
  • Referer
  • TE
  • Trailer
  • Transfer-Encoding
  • Upgrade
  • User-Agent
  • Via

Update: Konstantinos Filios is right that latest list can be found in WHATWG XMLHttprequest spec.

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The link should be updated because work on the referenced document has been discontinued as of 18 Nov 2014. Here's the new URL with the list of forbidden header names: – Konstantinos Filios May 22 at 7:56

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