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In older version 2.x I was doing something like:

map.resources :jobs, :as => 'vagas'

and this way, I can use jobs_path to create a link to.

But in rails 3, I still can use :as to define an alias, but I cannot use jobs_path anymore, because it forces me to use vagas_path.

So I was wondering if have any way to define an alias and still use the original resource name to create a link.

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resources :jobs, :path => 'vagas'  # after the original!
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I've found about :path parameter, just forgot to come back here to update my post. But I'll validate your help as a correct answer. Thank you! – Kleber S. Mar 22 '11 at 16:54

'map' is in Rails 2.x

You should:

resources :jobs, :path => :vagas
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