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I'm using hyperref in my latex document. In the references I have an URL, and the hyperref package creates a click able link automatically.

However, I need that that URL is not linked; but the rest of the document internal links should be.

I cannot find a way of just tell latex that avoid that one. For the references, I'm using a bib file.

I already try the \nolinkurl{ulr} macro, but in the final pdf the link is created anyway.

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Are you sure that it is a problem with your pdf and not with the pdf viewer?

To test, I created this simple LaTeX document. In the built-in Chrome pdf viewer, all three urls are linked. In Adobe Reader, only the \url{} one is actually linked. Foxit also only creates a link for the explicit \url{} macro.

This one should link \url{}

This one should explicitly not link \nolinkurl{}

This one is absolutely plain text
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It didn't occur to me. Thanks. I was using Acrobat Reader, and it link appears linked; but in Chrome is not. – adn Mar 9 '11 at 2:32

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