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I'm using MSSQL2008. The date type is Date, and I would like to set the default date to now or today.

I've tried GETDATE(), but I get "Error validating the default for column 'Date'". If I persist with GETDATE(), it doesn't work.

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GETDATE returns a DATETIME that you can subsequently CAST to the DATE type:

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I does work, actually CAST(GETDATE() AS DATE) gets transformed to CONVERT([date],getdate(),0). I don`t think the 0 is relevant because I convert the date value to string. Now, when I create a textbox the default value is still 01 Jan 0001. –  Catalin Mar 9 '11 at 13:18

are you sure that you are setting Date in the correct place? according to your error message it looks like the column name is Date, not the type; make sure the type is Date and try again, GETDATE() as a default should work fine

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The table atribute is Data and the data type is date. –  Catalin Mar 9 '11 at 13:21

How about

convert(varchar, getdate(), 103)
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