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Im working on shooting some bullets and the collision testing works perfectly fine it even hurts the zombies. Except the one problem, i want the bullets to disappear when they hit a zombie this sounds easy sense Im already hit testing inside the "bulletContainer" Class, well long story short i call the bulletContain[a].killBullet(); and output dialouge says its not a function(I know for a fact its a function and the "bulletClass" Class it self is loading properly). It seems once i create the bullet to shoot it has a mind of its own and doesn't listen to any variables i change inside it for me to tell it needs to disappear/killBullet()

Heres Snippets of my code please comment if you feel like you need more(althought there isnt much)

BulletContainer Class(Showing Just testCollosion Function):

    //Collision Tester/////////////////////////////////////////////
        private function testCollision(){
            //Get number of bullets on screen
            var numBullets = bulletContain.length;

            //Define a local variable for ease of reference
            var localZombieContain = Object(root).zombieContain.zombieContain
            var numZombies:Number   = localZombieContain.length;

            //Loop through every bullet for collision test
            for(var a:Number = 0; a < numBullets; a++){
                //Loop through every zombie & hit test to see if bullet is hitting
                for(var b:Number = 0; b < numZombies; b++){
                    var killBullet:Boolean = false;
                        //Tell zombie it has been hit

                        //Tell Bullet its dead for garbage
                        killBullet = true;


                         trace("BULLET DIED");


BulletClass(Showing everything from bulletClass): (IGNORE REDENDENT SWITCH() CODES, THATS FOR LATER DEVELOPMENT USE)

package  com{
        import flash.display.*
        import flash.net.*
        import flash.utils.*
        import flash.events.*

    public class bulletClass extends MovieClip{
             public var dead = 0;

                    var moveBulletInt;
        public function bulletClass(type:Number) {
            //Declare bullet types from library
            var tmpBullet1 = new bullet1;

                case 1:

            //Move this bullet
            moveBulletInt = setInterval(moveBullet, 10);

        public function killBullet(){
            trace("BULLET DIED");

        private function moveBullet(){
            if(dead == 0){
                this.x += 15 * Math.sin((this.rotation - 90) * (Math.PI / 180));
                this.y += 15 * Math.cos((this.rotation - 90) * (Math.PI / 180));
            if(dead == 1){
                this.x = -100
                this.y = -100



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I was calling the movie clip instead of calling the class when i previously added bullets else where in my code. So i ended up just doing var newObject = newBullet; instead of the lather newObject.addChild(newBullet);

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After two days you can select this as the correct answer to close out this question. – Will Mar 9 '11 at 12:46

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