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I need to cross compile openssl for m68k board, Linux OS kernel 2.6.10..Any pointers on which openssl version to be used . Currently i am trying to use 0.9.8. I want to cross compile it for using it with wpa_supplicant (version 0.7.3).

Note: wpa_supplicant needs libssl.a and libcrypto.a so i statically link it while compiling wpa_supplicant

Basically i tried compiling it and was successful indeed but while executing the wpa_supplicant i get illegal instruction :(

Right now am trying to work on the compiler settings but in case if i am missing anything important please let me know

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I was facing some issue in compilation (it was because of the following reason) i missed these settings andd after including these settings i was able to compile and run them along with wpa_supplicant without any trouble). Need to test them completely but atleast it is now compiling without any trouble.

build = i686-pc-linux-gnu build_cpu = i686 build_os = linux-gnu build_vendor = pc host = m68k-unknown-none host_alias = m68k host_cpu = m68k

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