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Is it possible to get the street/area where the user currently is by using the CoreLocation framework? So if I get the user's longitude and latitude position, can I get the address (xx street, yy city, z state) from that position?


Someone had already posted the question before. Just found out http://stackoverflow.com/questions/158557/get-street-address-at-lat-long-pair

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What you would need is a reverse geocoding service, that will translate a lat/lon coordinate set in to an address. I doubt that this, or access to one, is included in CoreLocation.

You could look into a third-party provider such as Google Maps:


There are also other work-arounds that might get you close. For example by using Multimap's routing API as described in the following:


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Agreed - you need a reverse geocoding service - this is not included in Core Location. There is a fairly complete list of reverse geocoders here link text

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