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I am now developing in Squeak.

I want to add a .sar file (archived squeak file) to Squeak Repositories, so other developers can access the .sar file from Monticello browser. I know there are several repositories like trunk, inbox.

How can I upload a .sar file to the repository as a package or anything else?

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You can't. SAR-files are not compatible with Monticello repositories.

  • Monticello repositories are used to version packages during development.

  • SAR-files are used to bundle different kinds of code artifacts in one bundle for distribution.

SAR-files used to be very popular when SqueakMap was on the raise. I haven't seen new SAR-files in the past couple of years. We stopped to produce SAR builds for Seaside, Magritte and Pier many years ago.

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Genggli Thanks You :) –  parsifal Mar 10 '11 at 5:16

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