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I'm having again some little problems with Stripes, this time with the link tag Basically i am calling an action bean from a jsp like so:

<s:link beanclass="users.action.UserFormActionBean">...</s:link>

The exception i receive is:

The value supplied for the 'beanclass' attribute does not represent a valid ActionBean.

Which is not true because that class implements ActionBean (via a class helper called BaseActionBean) and it contains a @DefaultHandler.

I really cant figure out why it does not work, below i will post the two classes

public class UserFormActionBean extends BaseActionBean{

private User user;

private static final String FORM="/WEB-INF/jsp/form.jsp";

private static final String LIST="/WEB-INF/jsp/list.jsp";

public Resolution goToForm(){

    return new ForwardResolution(FORM);

 * A getter for the user
 * @return
public User getUser(){

    return this.user;

 *save the new user into db 
public Resolution save(User user){


    return new ForwardResolution(LIST);


the helper:

public class BaseActionBean implements ActionBean{

private ActionBeanContext ctx;

public void setContext(ActionBeanContext ctx){


public ActionBeanContext getContext(){

    return this.ctx;


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It is solved sorry i had a problem in the classpath! –  JBoy Mar 9 '11 at 6:27

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Check your package declaration for UserFormActionBean it should be:

package users.action;

(Although I would recommend using another package name as this name does not conform to the general Java naming convention that describes that a package name should start with one of the top-level domain names of your organization).

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