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I am building a chrome extension where I need to take the text of the current webpage and save that text in the input file on hard disk. This file I need to use in the python program which i'l be running in the back end. This python script will create a output file after processing the input file. Then i'll display this file content on the same webpage in the form of pop up. Now I am need to know how will I create the file,write into it and read from it in chrome. Is there any way to do this???

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As far as I know Chrome Extensions are merely glorified javascript snippets. With the limitations of javascript and chrome's sandboxing I doubt you can do File I/O let alone talking to a native application. I'd say the best you can do use Chrome's LocalStorage or WebDatabase APIs. You'll have to poke around to see where these things are actually stored (hacky hacky).

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