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            myTween = new Tween(t1, "alpha",None.easeNone,1,0,2,true);

how can i change t1 for 5 objects without adding more lines?

also is there way to use array like myobjects[a] = "object1", myobject[b] = "object2" ... etc. so i can just check for active object with

and substract this one from array and make this tweet apply to all except one thats clicked.

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If you want to use an associative array, then use the Dictionary class.Also why don't you just use a for loop that iterates from one display object to another, adding a tween to each one. – Taurayi Mar 9 '11 at 7:19

By far the best Tween framework is greensock. To do what you are asking, simply do the following:

TweenMax.allTo(myObjects, 1, {alpha:2, ease:None.easeNone});

You'll have to download the framework, which is very lightweight. Greensock promote themselves on their ultra small size.

As for the second question, simply do this

myObjects.forEach(function(item:*, i:int, a:Array):void {
    if(item != {
        // do stuff for tweet
        trace(item); // outputs each item except
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