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How to find the files that are created in the last hour in unix

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If the dir to search is srch_dir then either

$ find srch_dir -cmin -60 # creation time


$ find srch_dir -mmin -60 # modification time


$ find srch_dir -amin -60 # access time

shows files created, modified or accessed in the last hour.

correction :ctime is for change node time (unsure though, please correct me )

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This is great and all, but these flags don't exist on Solaris find that I'm using. OP said Unix and I think these are Linux only. –  jiggy Apr 17 '14 at 19:53
The trick is to use negative time values! It's not so obvious in the man page. –  sphakka Mar 11 at 14:20

UNIX filesystems (generally) don't store creation times. Instead, there are only access time, (data) modification time, and (inode) change time.

That being said, find has -atime -mtime -ctime predicates:

$ man 1 find
-ctime  n
        The primary shall evaluate as true if the time of last change of
        file status information subtracted from the initialization time,
        divided by 86400 (with any remainder discarded), is n.

Thus find -ctime 0 finds everything for which the inode has changed (e.g. includes file creation, but also counts link count and permissions and filesize change) less than an hour ago.

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check out this link and then help yourself out.

the basic code is

#create a temp. file
echo "hi " >  t.tmp
# set the file time to 2 hours ago
touch -t 200405121120  t.tmp 
# then check for files
find /admin//dump -type f  -newer t.tmp -print -exec ls -lt {} \; | pg
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Thanks, however this will only search for t.tmp. What if I want to find all the files created in the last hour. –  Ankur Mar 9 '11 at 7:36
Ankur : it will create a temporary file t.tmp and set its creation time to 2 hours ago...after that it will search in present directory all files which were created after t.tmp i.e in last 2 hours.. –  ayush Mar 9 '11 at 7:43
cool!! Though the first command is not necessary. touch creates the file if it does not exists already. –  uval Sep 20 '12 at 8:59

Use find to list files modified within the last hour:

$ find . -mtime -1

the . is the search path -mtime time parameter -1 list files modified in the last 24 hours Other Settings

-amin when the file was accessed in minutes

-atime when the file was accessed in days

-cmin when the file was created in minutes

-ctime when the file was created in days -mmin when the file was modified in minutes Numerical parameters:

-mtime -0.5

-1 the last 24 hours

-0.5 the last 12 hours

-0.25 the last 6 hours

+3 more than three days

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You're wrong, ctime is time change –  zmo May 22 '14 at 8:02
zmo is right , but the search "time change" result will contains the brand new created files as well .. But of course, also the other oldies files that were updated during the searched period. –  Emmanuel Devaux Oct 29 '14 at 11:37

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