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In one of my application , i'm having custom controllers and its corresponding views separately like SampleController and SampleView.

For sharing/exchanging some properties between controller and view ,i'm passing the controller reference to the view So that i can access the controller members in its custom view.

But the same causes the retainCount of controller increases by 1.

Is this way of creating application is right ?

Or where can i get design principles/ways for creating iphone/ipad application.

Provide me some useful links. Thanks.!

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I depents how you reference it. If you reference it by property like:

@property (nonatomic,retain) IBOutlet SampleController *controller;

when view is loaded, the retain count is raised. If you dont want this, use (nonatomic,assign) for example.

Look at this question: @property and retain, assign, copy, nonatomic

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