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I need to export records from an excel sheet in to an sql table. Do i need to validate the type of data in each column before insertion? Does the SQL table treats the coming data to its type?

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Yes, the data type is checked for INSERT and UPDATE and you will get a data type mismatch error if the new data cannot be coerced to the column's data type.

Note that determining the columns data type is not straightforward; if you have mixed data in the same column you could use this to your advantage by forcing the column to text (may require altering local machine registry values). See Mixed Data Types.

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Actually my requirement is to ensure each column within the excel matches with its corresponding column in the sql table. For that purpose i need to check each column for the predefined type and prevent it from inserting to the table. Haow can i implement this through c#.net code? –  Harun Mar 9 '11 at 9:26

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