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Objective: Make a progress bar where users can check how much of a file has been downloaded by my server.

Scenario:I have a PHP script that executes a python script via popen. I have done this like so:

$handle = popen('python last', 'r');

$read = fread($handle, 4096);


This python script outputs to the shell something like this:

[last] ZVZX-W3vo9I: Downloading video webpage
[last] ZVZX-W3vo9I: Extracting video information
[download] Destination: myvideo.flv
[download]   9.9% of 10.09M at    3.30M/s ETA 00:02

Problem:When I read in the file generated by the shell output I get all the shell output except the last line!? WHY?

Just to add, when I run the command via the shell, the shell cursor appears at the end of that line and waits till the script is done.

Thanks all

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Reading through your question, I couldn't help but notice that the problem you have (missing line from input) has nothing to do with the question title whatsoever. You might change the title to mach your problem. Maybe "PHP: reading output from the shell" is better, as this is not AJAX related. –  Tomalak Feb 7 '09 at 18:49

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First thing that comes into my mind: maybe the program detects that it is not executed on a TTY and therefore does not show the last line, which probably involves ugly control characters because that line seems to update itself?

What happens when you redirect the output to a file (in the shell), or pipe it through less? If you don't see the last line there, this is likely to be the case. I don't know of another solution than to fix the source.

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Yes that last line updates itself. How do i get what is being updated? –  Abs Feb 7 '09 at 21:53
Well, as I said, it is possible that it is simply not printed when the program detects that it does not run on a tty. If that is the case, you will have to modify the program or try to find a command line option (if available) so that it does print the info, even when it is not on a tty. –  user52875 Feb 8 '09 at 20:15

Are you reading until EOF?

$handle = popen('python last', 'r');
$read   = "";

while (!feof($handle)) {
  $read .= fread($handle, 4096);

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This will be your friend:

$handle = popen('python last 2>&1', 'r');

Further info can be found here: Wikipedia

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