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I have a Simulink model in which I would like to change (at runtime) the central frequency and bandwidth of a bandpass filter. I would like to change these values using slider gains (and eventually a GUI).

I know I can specify the filter coefficients in the input ports of a Digital Filter block, but the missing step is: how do I compute the filter coefficients dynamically? In order to do this I've tried to use an Embedded MATLAB function that includes the fdesign.lowpass and design methods. Nonetheless Simulink does not seem to allow the dot notation for Embedded MATLAB functions. I've also tried to manually define the data-structure defined by fdesign.lowpass but it also complains.

Have you ever dealt with similar problem? Any help or hint would be very much appreciated!

Kindest regards

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Finally I could find a workaround for this problem.

Instead of using fdesign.bandpass and design methods, one could still use an Embedded MATLAB function and use the function fir1. This allows to compute the filter for a given order and cut off frequencies without problems.

Hope this helps

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