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I heard about SDL_TFF which I read about here but I don't understand how am I supposed to connect the TrueType2 library.

Maybe there is something better out there?

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Here's a good answer if you decide to use ttf: stackoverflow.com/questions/5289447/using-sdl-ttf-with-opengl –  indienchild Jan 6 '13 at 6:00

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This article is about SDL and text output. Hope that helps.

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I came across this great guide on linking in SDL extensions for those new to SDL, which you may find useful.

That said, when I had your problem, I eventually went with FTGL as the way SDL-ttf produces an SDL-Surface with its font rendered on it overcomplicated matters in my situation. This may not be the case in your situation though

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For OpenGL things I usually use QT. This library is well documented and easy to use.

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You can try to use FreeGLUT. If you like you can pull the text drawing files from the project.

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