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I have a function which rotates a slide show like startChangeImage(),My slideshow has to stop when there is a mouseover the slide show.

am tryin something like this

                    this.start = dojo.connect(this.domNode,'onmouseout',this,this.startChangeImage);


stopChangeImage:function () {



the thing is it starts rotating only after mouse out I want it to work at all times except mouseover.

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This is happening because you are connecting the onmouseout event to startChangeImage(). If you want this slide show to start when the page loads, you could have an init() (or similar) function that gets called when the page loads to start the slide slow.

You also don't need the this. when using dojo.connect() with a context (see here). See the connect functions in the code sample below.

var pageClass = {

    stopChangeImage: function() { },

    startChangeImage: function() { },

    init: function() {


        dojo.connect(this.domNode, 'onmouseover', this, 'stopChangeImage');
        this.start = dojo.connect(this.domNode, 'onmouseout', this, 'startChangeImage');


dojo.addOnLoad(function() {


The above code will start your slide slow when the page loads, but have it stop and start based on mouseover and mouseout.

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You can remove the "this.start =" –  mwilcox Mar 10 '11 at 22:56
I left it in since it was in the original example, and provides a link to the event to use with dojo.disconnect(). –  GreenWebDev Mar 14 '11 at 0:35

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