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What is the difference between getAttribute() and getParameter() methods within HttpServletRequest class?

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From which class ? –  David Pierre Mar 9 '11 at 9:35
I'd assume HttpServletRequest –  Bozho Mar 9 '11 at 9:37
In what class/package/API? Did you try reading the JavaDocs for the relevant methods? –  Andrew Thompson Mar 9 '11 at 9:49
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  • getParameter() returns http request parameters. Those passed from the client to the server. For example http://example.com/servlet?parameter=1. Can only return String

  • getAttribute() is for server-side usage only - you fill the request with attributes that you can use within the same request. For example - you set an attribute in a servlet, and read it from a JSP. Can be used for any object, not just string.

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Generally, a parameter is a string value that is most commonly known for being sent from the client to the server (e.g. a form post) and retrieved from the servlet request. The frustrating exception to this is ServletContext initial parameters which are string parameters that are configured in web.xml and exist on the server.

An attribute is a server variable that exists within a specified scope i.e.:

  • application, available for the life of the entire application
  • session, available for the life of the session
  • request, only available for the life of the request
  • page (JSP only), available for the current JSP page only
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It is crucial to know that attributes are not parameters.

The return type for attributes is an Object, whereas the return type for a parameter is a String. When calling the getAttribute(String name) method, bear in mind that the attributes must be cast.

Additionally, there is no servlet specific attributes, and there are no session parameters.

This post is written with the purpose to connect on @Bozho's response, as additional information that can be useful for other people.

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The difference between getAttribute and getParameter is that getParameter will return the value of a parameter that was submitted by an HTML form or that was included in a query string. getAttribute returns an object that you have set in the request, the only way you can use this is in conjunction with a RequestDispatcher. You use a RequestDispatcher to forward a request to another resource (JSP / Servlet). So before you forward the request you can set an attribute which will be available to the next resource.

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getParameter - Is used for getting the information you need from the Client's HTML page

getAttribute - This is used for getting the parameters set previously in another or the same JSP or Servlet page.

Basically, if you are forwarding or just going from one jsp/servlet to another one, there is no way to have the information you want unless you choose to put them in an Object and use the set-attribute to store in a Session variable.

Using getAttribute, you can retrieve the Session variable.

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