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This is my command-line code in my script,

passwd=`grep $username $userfile |  cut -f2 -d: login_users > retrieve`


cut -f2 -d: login_users > retrieve

searches and prints the whole column two. what I need is one of the items in the column two only.. what option can I add to my cut command??

here is an example, all files in column 2..


then, what I want to print is just the aaa. What will I do??

here is the userlist script where the information are stored.


tput cup 2 4; echo "User List"
tput cup 3 4; echo "========="
awk -F: '{printf "%-12s %-12s %s\t%s %s %10.10s %s\n", $2, $3, $4, $1, $5, $6, $7}' login_users
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Show us a sample of your actual userfile, and tell us which part of the line you need. Someone'll give you an awk line. –  Erik Mar 9 '11 at 10:11

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you can just use one awk command

awk -F: -vusername=$username '$0~username{print $2}' userfile

however, i don't know where your login_users file comes from.

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