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I want to write to an excel file n matrices, if I would like 2 to be in the same page, and other two on the same page, how to do it

I have

xlswrite('file.xls', matrix1, 'page1', 'A1');
xlswrite('file.xls', matrix2, 'page1', 'A50');

Is there a way to make dynamic the 4th parameter like

xlswrite('file.xls', matrix2, 'page1', 'A'%size(matrix));
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This code seems to work for me. What is the contents of matrix1 and matrix2? –  mor22 Mar 9 '11 at 13:13

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You can try:

xlswrite('file.xls', matrix2, 'page1', ['A' num2str(length(matrix2))]);

Hope that helps.

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