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I recently started to use the Nodewords module in Drupal 6. This adds the posibility to add metatags and optimize your site for SEO in a very fashionable way, very nice, BUT, it has a problem... probably a bug or something. Downloaded the version


When I go into configuring the module I want to specify custom metas for the pages that i have defined on the views (paths) So of course this can be acieved with : admin/content/nodewords/meta-tags/other (Tab Other pages)

IT doesn't save my content, well, partially, it loads the default metas (already done that), when I click save, and if I go to edit again...it won't save them...keeps showing me the defaults .. same thing resembles on the site itself, very very anoying as i have many custom pages set.

Is it a bug? did anyone had this problem?

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The answer to your question is here:


You need to patch nodewords module.

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You need to upgrade to Nodewords 1.13 or newer, it's a known problem that Nodwords 1.11 did not load what was saved for custom pages (amongst other Major Snafus).

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