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I have some RSpec tests for my models and I would like to turn on SQL ActiveRecord logging just like I see in the Rails server mode. How to do that?

I start my tests with

RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rspec my/test_spec.rb


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By default, all your db queries will be logged already in test mode. They'll be in log/test.log.

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Ah I meant to see it on the console. But this is fair enough. –  lzap Mar 9 '11 at 10:50
You can watch it in a console using tail -f log/test.log –  idlefingers Mar 9 '11 at 11:24

You could try setting the ActiveRecord logger to stdout in your test somewhere. If you're using rspec, maybe in the spec helper?

ActiveRecord::Base.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT)
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if others answers don't work in your case, please check the 'log level' of your test environment.

its default is 'debug', which will output the SQL generated by Rails. if it was set to "info", the SQL will be missing.

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