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Is there a way in cx_Oracle to capture the stdout output from an oracle stored procedure? These show up when using Oracle's SQL Developer or SQL Plus, but there does not seem to be a way to fetch it using the database drivers.

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You can retrieve dbms_output with DBMS_OUTPUT.GET_LINE(buffer, status). Status is 0 on success and 1 when there's no more data.

You can also use get_lines(lines, numlines). numlines is input-output. You set it to the max number of lines and it is set to the actual number on output. You can call this in a loop and exit when the returned numlines is less than your input. lines is an output array.

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Whatever you put using put_line, you read using get_line; I believe this is how all these tools work, probably including the very SQL*Plus.

Note that you need to call get_line enough times to exhaust the buffer. If you don't, the unread part will be overwritten by the next put_line.

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Did you tried this?

>>> conn = cx_Oracle.connect('user/pw@SCHEMA')
>>> cursor = conn.cursor()
>>> output = cursor.callproc("dbms_output.put_line", ['foo',])
>>> output

The first argument is the procedure to call and the second a sequence of arguments or a dict for bindvars.

see also: http://cx-oracle.sourceforge.net/html/cursor.html

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That's the input parameter it's returning to you, not the result of dbms_output.put_line. –  wds Mar 9 '11 at 12:39

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