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I want to display the students added, how to do this and I want to save all the students into database table students. And one more table called order which has relation with the the student domain class as below

class Order extends AppModel { 
    var $name="Order"; 
    var $belongsTo = array( 
        'Student' => array( 
            'className' =>'Student', 
            'foreignKey' => 'StudentId'

class Student extends AppModel { 
    var $name='Student'; 
    var $hasOne = array( 
        'Order' => array( 
            'className' => 'Order', 
            'foreignKey' => 'StudentId'

and I have created relation in database that foreign key studentId of order table references Id column of Student table. So now how to save both associated models?

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what has the session got to do with this question? You should also have a look at this link : book.cakephp.org/view/1032/… This explains how to do what you're attempting –  JohnP Mar 24 '11 at 10:30

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you must pass a correct formatted data to save method of your model.

data format is something like

$data = array('Modelname' => array(
                   'col1'=>'val2' )
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