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I have RichEditableText component , In this component I have created hyper link label based on condition ,but no need inline style(color font-family) . I want to apply style name(CSS) . is it possible can apply style name for hyper link? Give some idea

<s:RichEditableText  editable="false" selectable="false"  mouseEnabled="{user.isSubscribed}" mouseChildren="{user.isSubscribed}">
          <s:a click="linkelement1_clickHandler(event)" >
        <s:span styleName="bodyLinkContent10" >{user.isSubscribed ? "Contact Participant" : "Unavailable"}</s:span></s:a>


style Name Does not apply ? Could you tell me reason for that ?

I tried

<s:RichEditableText  editable="false" selectable="false" styleName="{user.isSubscribed ? 'bodyLinkContent10':'bodyContentGrey10'" mouseEnabled="{user.isSubscribed}" mouseChildren="{user.isSubscribed}">
                            <s:a click="linkelement1_clickHandler(event)" fontSize="10"><s:span textDecoration="none" color="{user.isSubscribed ? 0x003399 : 0x666666}">{user.isSubscribed ? "Contact Participant" : "Unavailable"}</s:span></s:a>

It is working fine But requirement is apply the CSS only.So any way for apply ?

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Not sure if spaces in style name are supported, try without them. –  alxx Mar 9 '11 at 11:45
thanks for your comment alxx –  vijayakumar flex Mar 9 '11 at 11:58
You're missing closing curly brace in styleName="{user.isSubscribed ? 'bodyLinkContent10':'bodyContentGrey10'" –  David Goshadze Mar 9 '11 at 13:46
@David Goshadze thanks for Remind me, I have modified that changes then it's working fine . Once again thank you . I have modified below code <s:a click="linkelement1_clickHandler(event)" ><s:span styleName="{user.isSubscribed ? 'bodyLinkContent10':'bodyContentGrey10'}" >{user.isSubscribed ? "Contact Participant" : "Unavailable"}</s:span></s:a> –  vijayakumar flex Mar 10 '11 at 6:59

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