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I have a problem: I have read a csv file and store the contents into a datatable, and everything is ok. But when I show the contents of the datatable in a datagridview, when I have the symbols "€" or "is, and ..." I only see a diamond with a question mark inside. How can I fix this? thanks

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You need to load the file with correct encoding.

Default is UTF8 but your file could be ASCII.

pass the encoding to the constructor of StreamReader :

StreamReader sw = new StreamReader (fileName, Encoding.ASCII);


I do not know what encoding your file has but I just guess it is ASCII.

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ok but I can not implement your suggestion. I have read a set of files and put them in a vector string [] = filePaths Directory.GetFiles (@ "C: \", "*. csv"); How can I fix this? – Blackguardian Mar 9 '11 at 12:04

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