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looking really for some advice on how i should handle the following scenario. i have a inputviewmodel with a decimal field. the value will be inserted into a SQL db with the following precision and scale: 18,2. if the user enters 100000000000000000.00 an error is returned from the db:

"Parameter value '100000000000000000.00' is out of range."

How should i be handling this?i.e. to stop the user from entering this value. i do have a validation layer.. but this value does parse into a decimal.

many thanks in advance

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Are negative values allowed...? –  onedaywhen Mar 9 '11 at 14:33

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You could decorate the property in your InputViewModel with a Range attribute.

MSDN doc on RangeAttribute for your InputViewModel:


you'll be looking for a usage like:

[Range(Maximum: 100000000)]

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