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I am trying to integrate silverlight into my ASP.NET app, and want to let my users view any arbitrary XPS document in my wep app.

I am looking for any robust Silverlight XPS viewer control for this purpose. I have read some blogs on the "simple xps" viewer and all that, but the best one i have seen so far uses textblock to render text in the xps document rather than glyph element, and the result is horrible rendering. These cannot be used in production environment.

So i am also open to buying a commercial XPS viewer written in Silverlight only, apart from any available and robust commerically usable (production quality ones) open source or free ones.

Any pointers to this will help.

I tried googling for this, with results only pointing to the blogs and free ones that is un-usable in production environment.


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Any findings to this? –  ghost_mv Sep 30 '13 at 15:15
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I am not aware of any "industrial strength" XPS viewer implemented in Silverlight, only the free "proof of concept" ones that you mention in your post (such a thing might exist, I just don't know of any).

However perhaps there is a better way to achieve the functionality you require other than having Silverlight render XPS content. One possibility would be to have the XPS rendered into an image on the server side and have Silverlight display this image. Combining this with Silverlight's DeepZoom functionality could give a good user experience.

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