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How to create regex pattern - value between "$" character.

e.g. String: " <tag key = $value$ /> "

I want get "value" string from this...

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Do you mean you want to find the string between 2 $ characters? So ab$cdefg$hijk would return cdefg? We need more information here, and your input case seems wrong. –  Callum Rogers Mar 9 '11 at 12:06
What language are you using? –  gpvos Mar 9 '11 at 12:17

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If I understand correctly, you're trying to get a string that is located between 2 dollar signs. The code (perl) should look similar to:

if ($str =~ /\$(\w)\$/)
   $substr = $1;  

of course, you can replace the \w sign with a pattern of your choosing...


if ($str =~ /\<tag key \= \$(\w)\$ \/\>/)
  $substr =$1;
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From my understanding you are looking to return exact word from a string. i.e return is from this island is beautiful instead of returning this, island and is

If I am correct explaining your problem the regex you are looking for will be \bis\b

For more information visit this link, http://www.regular-expressions.info/wordboundaries.html

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In javascript, you could is the following:

var theString = '<tag key = $value$ />';

var newString = theString.replace(/^.*\$(.*?)\$.*$/, '$1');

Or you could use the RegExp object to do something like:

var pattern=new RegExp('\\$(.*?)\\$');

var newString = pattern.exec(theString )[1];
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