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I have following data instance which has date node (transaction-date) bound to a date picker (input).

By default its storing the date in CCYY-MM-DD format. I would like to have another node (temp-transaction-date) which will be updated in MMM/DD/CCYY format in xforms-value-changed event.

  <xforms:instance id="form-instance">

  <xforms:bind id="transaction-date" nodeset="instance('form-instance')/transaction-date" type="xforms:date" />

     <xforms:input bind="transaction-date">
        <xforms:action ev:event="xforms-value-changed">
            <xforms:setvalue ref="instance('form-instance')/temp-transaction-date" value="?"/>

Please let me know how can i set the value in the format of Mar/09/2011 or is there an alternate way to achieve the same.

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You can do this with an <xforms:bind calculate="…"> and the function format-date():

<xforms:bind nodeset="temp-transaction-date"
    calculate="format-date(../transaction-date), '[MNn,*-3]/[D01]/[Y]')"/>
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