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I would like to synchronize two folders with each other. It should go two ways, always keeping the folders up to date (I use a regular cronjob). However, first I do not get the two way file transfer to work (it just downloads from the ftp and not the opposite).

Secondly, it downloads the whole content from the ftp, even though the login information has been set up on the ftp so that access is only restricted to a specific folder. Why??

Here is the code (thanks in advance!):


#get username and password

HOST="myftpserver.com/users/user1/" #here I have tried with only specifying server name as well as including whole path

lftp -c "set ftp:list-options -a;
open ftp://$USER:$PASS@$HOST; 
lcd $LCD;
mirror -c --reverse --verbose $LCD $RCD" #I have tried a few different options w/o result
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Consider setting up rsync. –  Erik Mar 9 '11 at 12:47
Seems more like a question for ServerFault than StackOverflow. –  jchl Mar 9 '11 at 13:23
I will try rsync instead. –  Toby Mar 9 '11 at 13:28
just read that rsync does not work over ftp. Seems I need to figure out how to do it with lftp. –  Toby Mar 9 '11 at 13:45
ok, now I have it working. However, the 'syncing' is not really very useful. E.g. if I remove a file from one of the folders, it gets downloaded again next time the lftp-script is run. Since it is synchronization I am after, I would of course want it to keep the most recent change and not overwrite it. Is that possible with lftp? –  Toby Mar 9 '11 at 15:04

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